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Tips for Updating and Refreshing Our Home for Spring

Spring is finally here and this is the best time to shake off all the winter blues. This is the best time to give your home a new and refreshing look. Read on for we have rounded up a few tips that will brighten up your home and mood.

Update your accessories

Spring presents you with the opportunity to do away with those wintry accessories and replace them with brighter and more fun items. Replace dark colored items with lighter and brighter ones. You can also update your fireplace, coffee table or use brighter colored vases.

Brighten things up with plants

Incorporating plants and flowers into your home will not only bring the outdoors in, but it will liven things up in your home. Pick out beautiful and brightly colored plants that will take your home décor to a whole new level.

Change up your furniture

This is the best time to swap your heavy furniture with some light and fun pieces. If you are not so much into swapping out your entire furniture, you can change the upholstery of your darker pieces to brighter colored fabrics. You can also embrace garden inspired items for your balcony, bathrooms and patios. You can also add spring themed décor to freshen up your home.

Paint your room

Repainting your rooms is a quick and easy makeover. You can opt for bright colors like white or you can use rejuvenating colors like green that will make your room pop out.

Other tips to consider

  • Change your throw pillows
  • Change your art collection
  • Style the surfaces of your house
  • Change your curtains to lighter ones